Who Exactly Are Your Followers?

Understanding your clientele base is important in any business and social media can easily do that for you. This aspect of social analytics is important because it not only allows you to determine who your customers/fans are but other crucial. Marketing aspects like where they are located or what time they are visiting your site.

It can also help you determine if the people visiting your sites are actually leads or other “Competitors” in your industry which means you need to change your social marketing strategy in order to bring in fresh customers.


If you’re running special promotions on referral or paid advertising websites, you’ll definitely want to know whether or not they are effective at bringing in customers. This statistic can help you determine which leads bring in more traffic to your site and can allow you to figure out where you want to focus most of your social-media marketing efforts.

One of the best social media analytics resources that can track your leads is Bit.ly. It is a URL shortening and tracking tool, which can be incredibly useful if you use Twitter, and Facebook too I suppose. More importantly, it can help you determine which links are getting the most clicks. By taking advantage of this resource, you can figure out what type of content your customers/followers are more likely to be interested in.

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