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web design and seo expert philippines

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About The Business Gurus is a MARKETING COMPANY offering full digital marketing services offering a wide range of solutions. The company, head office based in Sydney, Australia, with branches and partners we work all over the world. The Business Gurus have successfully completed over hundreds of projects to date. The Business Gurus designs, creates and implement business-oriented marketing solutions that use proven technologies. 

We have a professional team of many different services from web designers, programmers and business consultants, graphic artists , Seo consultants supplying the following services :


Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing web pages and their content to be easily discovered by users searching for terms relevant to your website. The term SEO also describes the process of making web pages easier for search engine indexing software, known as “crawlers,” to find, scan, and index your site. We handle all parts of search engine optimization to help clients get seen as the authority they should be.

web design and seo expert philippines
Live Chat

A LiveChat is an online customer service software with online chat, help desk software, and web analytics capabilities. Live chat is much more than just chatting with website visitors. It provides insight into customer needs, helps visitors to convert and helps generate leads among interested visitors. We provide a fully managed service 24/7 to ensure you’re always online and never miss an opportunity to engage your website visitors.  Capture more leads and reduce your bounce rate with our outsourced agents.


Advertising services in Facebook help your business build its online following, increase its brand awareness, and improve its lead generation and revenue-driving. At Business Gurus, we offer Facebook ad management services that help your business take complete advantage of Facebook. From creating your strategy and ad creatives to launching your ads and monitoring their performance, we provide an all-in-one solution to Facebook advertising. We are the social  media  experts let us build your brand today.

web design and seo expert philippines
web design and seo expert philippines
Google Ad Words

Keywords are words or phrases you choose when you set up your Google Ads campaign. These are terms you think your potential customers are likely to use when searching for products or services like yours. Get in front of customers when they are searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

Mobile websites

What is a mobile version of a website? Basically, it’s an alternate version of a website that is optimized for use on smartphones or similar mobile devices. Today’s mobile devices are mostly touch-based, mobile-friendly websites are now becoming important more than ever. Let our experts do an audit on your site and show you how to double your leads REMEMBER over 65% of your clients are looking at your website on a mobile device.

web design and seo expert philippines
web design and seo expert philippines
Graphic Artist

Visual concepts is created by Graphic designers , using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. Graphic design is a key component of content marketing. Without visual content, you are missing a huge chunk of communication opportunities. Graphic design is more than just pictures and drawings. It is the art of communication, and problem solving through imagery. We have a complete team of over 15 artists with years of experience, why pay $75 to $150 an hour in your country, our team work from just $15* an hour and turn most projects around in less than 48 hours.  

Email marketing

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. Choosing the right email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. We can help you collect emails and send a monthly newsletter to your clients, a proven way to get loads of repeat clients.

web design and seo expert philippines
web design and seo expert philippines
Reputation management

Services in Reputation management  are comprehensive, covering far more than crisis control or negative online reviews. They can analyse, establish, protect, and restore your brand’s image online through various strategies. These tactics can be used to manage a business’s image or personal brand.  Let us show you how to get great reviews each and every week and grow your brand to attract many new clients.

Mobile Business Card

This Mobile business card can include all your contact and social details in a single, convenient finished product to share with recipients. Mobile business can be shared online in one click. Along with a name, position, and contacts, you can enhance your card with interactive elements, such as links, pictures, and videos. Making it the perfect marketing tool for you and your team. Imagine you will never have to buy business cards ever again.

web design and seo expert philippines
web design and seo expert philippines
Web design

If your website looks unappealing or outdated, your audience will immediately have a negative impression of your business. They will not find your website appealing, which deters them from your page. Business Gurus will make you website shine like a diamond! We have built dozens of money  making machines for our clients, why not let us do the same for you. 

Hire some staff to help

Thinking of hiring a virtual assistant or secretary? No matter your business type or its location, hiring a virtual assistant can help you expand and better manage business without excessive investment costs. Our team will do all the jobs you don’t want to 24/7 so you can focus on your business.

web design and seo expert philippines
web design and seo expert philippines
The Works for 1 Low Fee

You need just one website quickly, or a brochure or landing page asap? Business Gurus will do that for you with a lightning speed and low cost. We have 20 plus people on our team who are all great at what they do. You can have a complete marketing team for every part of your business for 1 low monthly fee, less  than the cost of 1 staff member in your country.